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Thursday, Jul 14. 2005

[climbing mt. tam]

whoami Stephen Lau, or just plain stevel. i was born an Englishman, in Aldershot. i’m now living in silicon valley in the beautiful bay area, california. raised in los altos, i went to los altos high (surprise), before moving on and spending six great years in san diego, SoCal, getting my BS and MS degrees in computer science. my thesis research studied the usefulness of proxy communication threads in enabling overlap of communication with computation on multi-tier SMP machines. boring? maybe to you… but it was two and a half years of my life i’m never getting back, so it warrants a mention here.

whatdoido? i’m building Project Glass at Google[x]. prior to that, i built mobile apps at Rdio, helped build the Songbird Media Player, and was a developer on the OpenSolaris kernel at Sun Microsystems (defunct, now Oracle). you can see more gory technical details on my LinkedIn profile.

outside of work, my main pleasures in life are playing with my son Wesley, and my two beagles Char-siu and Mochi.


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33 Comments to “about me / contact”

  1. Grazfather Says:

    so YOU’RE the guy who was so helpful on IRC :)

  2. Martin Bodilsen Says:

    Hi Stephen

    Sorry to disturb, but could you help me with the meaning of “Grommit”? I’m currently teaching a class at a locul Community College (for adults) here in Viborg, Denmark. We are reading an article which appeared in Time magazine 19 March 2001, called Warning. It’s about a school-shooting in Santee, California. In this article I came across the following: …..Aceven called Andy’s new friends the Grommits, aterm that eludes meaning even for her.” Now, is there any chance you might be able to help me trying to identify some meaning to this word?

    Many thanks

    Martin Bodilsen English teacher Viborg Denmark

    Also proprietor of a small business in special teaching materials and educational toys.

  3. Stephen Lau Says:

    Hi Martin, sorry – I’ve no idea why they would call people “Grommits”. As best I know, “grommit” is a rubber ring used to cover sharp holes cut in metal electrical boxes to prevent cables from fraying.

    Urban Dictionary has a few (inappropriate) definitions for grommit that might match what you’re looking for though:


  4. Dan Mick Says:

    “Grommet” is the ring-shaped thing that is used, mostly, in my experience, to describe the metal protector rings around holes cut in cloth (like tarps and tents and stuff). “Grommit” is the dog from the Nick Park cartoons.

  5. Ted Ladd Says:

    SteveL, you have the time and desire to create new versions of ConnectIn and GestureLock for a wearable Android device based in your home town?

    Ted Ladd WIMM Labs

  6. Rob Savoie Says:

    Hi Stephen,

    Your background & experience are impressive, especially from Google and Rdio! I’d very much like to learn more about your interests as a developer. Trulia is about to launch a number of exciting and innovative projects and is looking for an ace Android Developer.

    Trulia offers users the Inside Scoop on Real Estate. We are a profitable, fast-moving company on an IPO path. Our mobile applications are experiencing 400% growth with over 6 million unique monthly users.

    Our engineering team is committed to innovation, launching innovative features like the gamification of our mobile apps and the beta of our new crime map:


    Please email your resume to rsavoie@trulia.com. Looking forward to speaking with you soon!

    Cheers, Rob Savoie

  7. Caitlin Lansang Says:

    damit habe ich nicht gerechnet. Bin nun aber schlauer und werde bestimmt das Richtige tun :) Danke vielmals

  8. Billybug Says:

    hello, about “Gesture Lock” t is it possible to run various shortcuts: Call number, playlist … ? Congratulations for your work!

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