Thursday, Nov 8. 2012  –  Category: Musings

i have been so desperately remiss in posting to my blog. it’ll be two years in a few days since my last post (on Gesture Lock of all things)… i’m honestly tempted to just take the whole site down or make it go to my page or something, it’s that embarrassing.

so yeah, one sentence recap of the last two years: had a baby boy (Wesley!), left Rdio, joined Google[x], built Project Glass, moved homes (but still living in Oakland)… i think that’s about it.

maybe i’ll update this more frequently. maybe not.

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  1. Geoff Arnold Says:

    You and me both… I find that I’ve been using FB for politics/religion and Twitter for tech, and neglecting both of my blogs as a result. Add to the fact that I’m being a bit more circumspect about what I post, so as not to annoy potential consulting clients, and….

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