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Tuesday, Sep 28. 2010  –  Category: Musings

I pushed 1.1.1 to the Market last night which fixes a few things:

  • Only auto-sync once a day (LinkedIn enforces a 5000/day total limit for third-party apps, so I have to knock this down so as not to hit it.  You can still manually refresh as frequently as you like via the Launcher app if you want/need to poke it.
  • Make the new “in” notification that appears during sync optional.
  • Handle API errors (such as the throttling limit) from LinkedIn gracefully, and notify the user when they occur
  • Make a separate Settings screen accessible from the Launcher app for managing sync notification & contact integration
  • Fix crash when trying to view profiles for contacts that had no photo
Additionally, 1.1.0 released the night before added:
  • In-app profile viewer to view location, summary, specialties, and associations.  (Education & positions coming soon)
  • Main app launcher to add/remove account and manually trigger a sync.
  • Auto-sync and refresh profiles phone numbers and headlines when syncs are triggered.
Also, I had a couple of Sense users helpfully point out that you can access the ConnectIn full profile view by going to the People app, and then while in the list view (NOT the detail view), click the user’s photo to pop up the QuickContact style popup.  In there you should see the LinkedIn icon.  Clicking this will start the ConnectIn profile viewer.  (See screenshot to the right)

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  1. Robert Says:

    Thanks for the update, great work !

    Got the paid version myself, in the hopes that others are doing the same and stimulate more dev on the extension :)

    Tho i do think 99c is a bit high for such an early version, especially considering apps like swiftkey, etc are going at the same rate. Then again 99c is not a lot, and i do like the app. So i do hope more ppl jump on the bandwagon.

    However your 5k 3rd party app limit seems like a success killer for me right there. Maybe if there where a setting where we can ourselves enter a api key (ie let us register with linkedin ourselves) it might be a way around the problem ?

    Anyways, keep up the good work :)

    - Robert

  2. Robert Says:

    Oh yes, dunno if you saw the article about the guy who did ATK saying he’s getting almost more money out of the free ad supported version than the paid one ?

    I think your app might apply to a similar experience (ok ..i doubt as many ppl will be installing a linked in app as ppl installing a task killer …unless you get some ad mojo on linked in going) but in my book the linked in profile page (especially since it’s now integrated) is a perfect candidate for some ad revenue. I can already see the profile page extended, like pulling up extra profile info spread over multiple tabs/pages, or diving deeper into someones connections.

    Cheers, Robert

  3. Stephen Lau Says:

    @Robert: Thanks for the comments… I’m working on a few new features (sending InMail, network updates, etc.) which hopefully will justify the price (in fact, I’m planning on raising it soon – though anyone who’s bought it for 99cents can download upgrades forever of course)

    I’ve sent in a request to LinkedIn to see if I can get a higher throttle count. If I don’t hear anything back I’ll probably pursue what you’ve suggested and let folks use their own keys if so desired. If I can’t get it raised, then I’ll have to definitely keep it paid just to keep the # of users down.

  4. Jarno Says:

    Installed the app yesterday on my HTC Desire and I’m very enthousiast about it! However there are a few minor annoyances, you maybe can look into:

    1) The In-app profile viewer has a strange layout, the number of connections overlaps the location.

    2) All my Exchange contacts are displayed as [Lastname],[Firstname] the LinkedIn contacts are the other way round and I would love to have an option to change this

    3) A lot of my Echange contacts are on my LinkedIn profile too. Normally HTC Sense links these two if they are exactly the same. However the linkedIn contacts show a “Link-Proposal”. I don’t know why this is (maybe you sync some hidden characters?),but manualy linking 500+ contacts is a hell of a job

    4) In the HTC Contacts app I see the first 40-something characters of what my linked in contact is up to, however I can’t see the full sentence without going to the linkedIn site via the mobile browser. Am I doing something wrong? Or is this functionality not available

    5) And this is for my the most important one: If I link an Exchange Contact with an LinkedIn contact, in the detailed contact view I can’t see which details are from which contact (ie Exchange or LinkedIN). The Facebook op shows this info and it gives me notice of the accuracy of the detail.

    I’m not a native English speaker, so I hope my tips are clear to you. I do want you to know that I love your app, just think these options can make it even better!! If you wan’t me to test your new betabuilds, I would be happy to help you!

  5. Stephen Lau Says:

    @Jamo: Hi Jamo, thanks for your comments.. no worries, your English was great – I was able to understand everything just fine. I’ll go through by point so hopefully my reply is clear :)

    1. Yup, that layout was a bug with small contact photos. I’ll have this fixed for the 1.1.2 update which I’ll be pushing to the Market in a bit.
    2. On Android Contacts, the last name and first name are set independently, and you can change which you want to display first via Settings>Display Options so you can toggle it. On my Nexus One it’s a global setting that affects all providers; but I’ve verified the LinkedIn contacts obey that setting correctly. It could be your Exchange contacts are displaying in the reverse order?
    3. Yeah, I’ve verified on my HTC DROID Incredible that the linking is done correctly against my Facebook and local contacts. This, again, sounds like possibly an Exchange contacts bug? Do you have any other types of accounts installed such as Facebook or Google contacts? Do your LinkedIn connections merge/link correctly with those? If so, then I think it’s an Exchange contacts bug :(
    4. Are you talking about the status update or the headline? I show the headline again in the ConnectIn profile viewer. I hadn’t thought to show the status update in its entirety in the profile viewer, but I can certainly do that if you think it’s useful?
    5. The Facebook app for Sense was actually written by HTC and takes advantage of some HTC Sense features/APIs that don’t seem to be available to third parties (or at least I haven’t figured out how to integrate them). I’m still looking into these Sense-specific integration points, so I’ll add this to the list of things I’ll try to figure out.

    Thanks for all your feedback!

  6. Jarno Says:

    Thanks for your quick reply! :D

    I’ll just reply to every point: 1) Great! However, what do you mean with “small profile pictures”? Is there a way to increase the size of the profile picture? 2)I think you are right. The Desire doesn’t has this setting, it just isn’t there. So probably the Exchange sync uses the “Show As” setting of Exchange (and that one is LastName, FirstName). 3) You are probably right again (I presume, due to the things as stated in point 2) 4) I meant the status update. It show in the contacts app, but is abreviated. And I can’t see the whole text without opening the browser. So I think it is useful (or: more complete) to show it in the profile viewer. 5) I already thought it was a HTC thingy…glad that you put it on the todo list. Got confronted twice today with a lovely secretary who told me the person I tried to call wasn’t working there

    You’re welcome and I’m looking forward to the future updates!

  7. Stephen Lau Says:

    I uploaded 1.1.2 earlier which should fix the small profile pictures/layout issue. Adding status updates should be easy, I’ll add that into the next version. Thanks for the suggestion :)

  8. Ray Says:

    Love the app and thanks for it. I have one bug to report and one feature request. Bug: when contacts are linked, the linkedin contacts show profiles “linked profiles”section as unknown-1 instead of as linkedin. Request: the ability to list just the linkedin contactsin contacts just like you can with the other providers on the phone. Droid X here. Thanks again.

  9. Mickey Says:

    Just bought the app, and it’s a cool connector to LinkedIn, thank you. However, I’m on a HTC Desire and got one minor issue.

    When I’m connecting with new contacts on LinkedIn the profiles appears fine after a sync in the person gallery on the phone, but they don’t get the little thumbnail picture… But when I’m viewing the LinkedIn profile by pushing the little “In”-icon on top of the person, I can see the profile picture in the “ConnectIn profile viewer” All the profiles from the initial load works perfectly.

  10. Stephen Lau Says:

    @Mickey: Just to be clear, your photos from your initial sync came over fine – but they aren’t being used for subsequent syncs? Are existing contacts losing them? Or is it just new contacts not getting them? (It sounds like the latter, but just want to make sure I understand the problem)

  11. Stephen Lau Says:

    @Ray: Yeah I’m looking into the “Unknown-1″ issue. Haven’t quite figured it out yet, but it’s on my list of things to investigate. I’ll have to get a hold of a Droid X to investigate your feature request (my Nexus One doesn’t seem to provide a way to browser just a specific-provider’s contacts)

  12. Mickey Says:

    It is just new contacts not getting the thumbnail picture… And the existing profile isn’t loosing anything.

    Well, I haven’t tested whether a person has updated his profile picture and seen if the new image has been synchronized.

    I even tried to reboot the phone and started a new sync (old habit) and it didn’t solved the issue

  13. Al Says:

    Hi there. I’m having the same issue with contact pictures not being updated in subsequent syncs. Also, I’d love to see more fields for the contact being filled in my Evo from Linkedin.

  14. vertti Says:

    All LINKS seem to get erased after clicking SYNC NOW in ConnectIn! This renders the whole software pretty pointless now :( I get a link suggestion, then click that to link the person to it’s linkedin profile. After SYNC NOW, that link is gone, and it again displays the suggestion… Just tried with the latest ConnectIn, still broken.

    HTC Desire, Froyo.

  15. Stephen Lau Says:

    @Al Yeah – contact photos not updating when contacts change them on LinkedIn is a bug. I’m hoping to have it fixed in the next point release (1.2.1). Thanks for the bug report. I’m also investigating populating the occupation field in the Contact. What other fields would you be interested in seeing? (Unfortunately email addresses aren’t given by LinkedIn’s API, and street address is somewhat tricky to translate)

    @vertti Doh, sorry to hear that. I’ll see if I can get a hold of a HTC phone with sense and investigate.

  16. vertti Says:

    @Stephen cool, thanks, hope you get it sorted as this app is a really welcome addition to the social aggregation which i love on the android platform.

    Let me know if i can help you with the sense problems somehow (apart from buying you a htc phone that is :)

  17. Sam Says:

    Like the App – few comments (on HTC Desire running 2.2)

    The linkedin photo doesn’t get displayed for most of contacts when browsing them via HTC People (even after they have been linked).

    Is there a way of specifying whether the facebook, linkedin or google photo is displayed for each contact.

    The linking of HTC People contacts with LinkedIn contacts should be automated (it takes a long time to do it by hand). A step towards that would be to get a list of all the contacts with suggested links (be faster to go through them).


  18. Gren Says:

    To choose which picture is used on a linked contact just go into the linking page and hit the picture (it should have a down arrow next to it). You then get to choose the picture used.

  19. Magnus Says:

    Hi Just downloaded the app, and had no problems with logging into my account and to sync my contacts. However ONLY the names and pictures of my contacts shows in my adress book?! Where is the email and phone number? Anyone knows what I could be doing wrong? Have a HTC legend (2.1). Thanks

  20. Hendrik Says:

    Nice Work! Worth paying for.

    However, also for me there’s something with the pictures. When I tap the link button, the picture of the linkedin contact is displayed. If they also have a facebook connection, I can choose what picture is displayed. If they have only a linkedin picture, none is displayed? Also here no mentioning of the linkedin source name and the possibility to do more with the contact information would be nice.

    I’m sure this will be worked out :-)

  21. Jonathan Says:

    Nice app, first one I bought (ever)! BUT I have an issue which is probably only mine(?) after each reboot the “account” in accounts and settings is gone. When I manually load the app, “connection” has “no data” until a sync is complete. Obviously then I have to re-link all my contacts (900 gmail, 300 linkedin). I have Desire with 2.2. Unrelated, my “source” (appearing under the name in the link page) is net.whacked.linkedin.account, maybe this is where Ray sees the “unknown-1″?


  22. Jonathan Says:

    Also, I noticed that the HTC facebook app keeps a link note on the gmail contact in the format of: id:62631nnnn/friendof:55nnnn757 (I replaced some identifiers with nnnn) I guess that’s how they store the link. How is Connectin keeping the link? or is this something the app does not do?

  23. Gren Says:

    App seems to be pretty stable now with positive comments on the market. Was wondering what, if any, developments were coming? Would like to see search and invite functions if at all possible along with maybe more info brought across into contacts.

  24. Stephen Lau Says:

    @Gren I’ve been digging into some of the more obscure HTC & Motoblur specific issues regarding linking contacts which some folks have been having… without a lot of headway unfortunately. Feature-wise, I’m looking into bringing across more info (such as populating the address, other phone #’s, and current occupation/employer into the profile). After that, probably search will be next..

  25. Stephen Lau Says:

    (Just pushed 1.2.2 to the market which fixes a bug with not updating connections’ profile photos when they change)

  26. Gren Says:

    @Stephen Good to know what’s on your list and thanks for today’s update

  27. Keith Says:

    Stephen, I have not used the app yet but I am considering purchasing it based on the reviews. The one question/concern that I have is how are the contacts managed. By that I mean, I have hundreds of Linkedin contacts that I want to have access to but at the same time, I don’t want them all cluttering up my contact list. The truth is I’ll never make a phone call to 99% of them and I don’t want to have to sort through them all when I’m looking at my phone book trying to call a friend. Is there a way for a program like this to keep it’s own contact list?

  28. matt Says:

    Hi, same issue as some others with contacts getting unlinked. HTC Desire with Android 2.2. Source also appearing as net.whacked.linkedin.account. Linking is not working automatically but works if I manually confirm each suggested link. As soon as the app syncs with LinkedIn again all links are broken.

    Frustrating to the point where I’ve turned contact integration off until it’s fixed.


  29. Gren Says:

    I get the same source and have to link them myself manually but have never had any links broken. Never used the ‘sync now’ button just let it do its once a day thing. Also running a Desire on 2.2 (rooted but still standard rom)

  30. kristof Says:

    Hi, thanks for the app. Some bug reports (don’t know if this is the right place, if not, please advise) and ideas for new features which would be great. First, I have HTC (Lengend) Eclair + Sense UI. - While the app is able to access all kinds of (public) contact details, like email (always), phone number, address (if available) for me these information do not appear in the People app (~phonebook?). Is it a HTC-related issue, or is it more general? Please bring in these data into the address book. - In People when I merge the different ‘identities’ of people (from in, FB, Google, Phone, etc), contacts downloade from LinkedIn either do not show the source (empty) or the phone mistakenly writes that the contact is from the “Phone”. Please fix this, the little tags should show the source as LinkedIn. - For any contact, which is not ‘linked’ or ‘merged’ (with other identities) if the contact is from LinkedIn and s/he has a photo, that photo is downloaded and displayed with a little “in” icon. That’s cool. If, however, s/he has no photo, the default empty avatar is shown, but without the “in”, although still the contact originates from LinkedIn. Would it be possible, to, also in this case, put the “in” on the default avatar, so that I know where it comes from?

    Otherwise great works, congrats, I will keep supporting the app.

  31. Kenny Sharp Says:

    Ditto what Kristof said. Contact details aren’t being pulled through into the People app. Only the photo. HTC Desire. Android 2.2.

  32. Mario Says:

    Interesting! I don’t understand if the linkedin contacts are merged in htc contacts app with fb and google contacts. That would be great to prevent duplication. I would like to install it on my brand new Htc desire hd. Thanks in advance

  33. KoolPal Says:


    Thanks a ton for this much NEEDED app.

    Couple of suggestions:

    1. I often change ROMS and then its a pain to re-attach contacts with their LinkedIn counterparts. Is there some way you can permanently update some field in Google Contacts so that whenever I sync with ConnectIn, the connections are maintained?

    2. Often, I have increased interactions with some newly formed LinkedIn contacts. I get more meaningful info about them, for e.g., their address, birthday, etc. Since these are LinkedIn contacts, I cannot update these details. The only option I have is to manually (and painfully) create these contacts in gmail and then save the personal details there and then sync. Can you create some option, where once I am in a linkedin connection, I have an option to ‘Save in Contacts’ and all the details get saved locally. This can then get synced with gmail.

    Would appreciate some response to this.

    P.S. Why dont you create some freeware forum / use Get Satisfaction so that people can connect with you easily? I took me a while to locate this post and then wonder if I should post here or not.

    Considering that one of your famous apps in for LinkedIn (which is all about connecting), should you not be connecting better with your customers? ;) (no offense intended)

    Once again thanks for this amazing app. Its a must have for business users.

    Warm regards and Merry Xmas in advance!

  34. Stephen Lau Says:

    @KoolPal Wish I could, but unfortunately sync providers are only allowed to modify data managed by themselves (meaning ConnectIn can’t change data in Google Contacts :( ). Would be a great feature otherwise.. not sure if I can figure out how to have it save to the local contact database. I’ll look into that.

    I honestly didn’t expect this app to take off as much as it did.. :) (I wrote it to scratch a personal itch), so didn’t want to go to the trouble of setting up a GSFN forum or something, so figured the blog would suffice. Maybe that’s no longer the case though :) Thanks for your comments!

  35. Stephen Lau Says:

    For folks with Motorola & HTC phones experiencing contact link breakage. I’ve been in touch with Motorola and they’ve confirmed that there is a bug on their end of their customised Motoblur contacts APIs that cause the links to occasionally break. I haven’t been able to get in touch with anyone at HTC, but I suspect something similar for the Sense UI that is breaking the links with each sync. :( Unfortunately I’ve reached black holes each time I’ve tried to ping them, so there’s not much I can do from here.

  36. Stephen Lau Says:

    For anyone with Motorola phones, if you’re interested, here is the thread I’ve been talking to them on:

    (in case you’re super nerdy and want to subscribe to it for updates)

  37. Andrei Says:

    Can I buy this application from other places (except Andoid Market, where i can’t see paid applications)?

  38. Oliver Says:

    Getting back to what Magnus (Post 19), Kristof(30) and Kenny(31)said: I’m also only seeing name, photo and current job title in my address book. No phone and no e-mail, which makes it pretty useless at present. Any chance of a short-term fix? Running ConnectIn 1.2.3 on Samsung Galaxy S with Android 2.2.1

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