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Monday, Feb 1. 2010  –  Category: Songbird

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I just committed an encoding fix for Songbird’s Concerts add-on that, starting with tonight’s nightlies on trunk, should mean you start seeing some updated European countries in the available locations list.  The new countries include Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, and Sweden.

While the concert data is now being included, not all localisations are up to date.  Notably, out of that list, we’re missing the Danish, Finnish, Dutch, and Norwegian localisations entirely.  The Swedish localisation just needs a few more strings translated.

If you’d like to help out and see the full localised Concerts add-on in all its glory, please go register with Babelzilla.org and help translate the Concerts add-on here.

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9 Comments to “Updated locations for Concerts”

  1. Mikkel Says:

    The danish strings are translated now! (at least I think, I’m new to BabelZilla)

  2. Etya Says:

    Will that fix artist names being displayed incorrectly? E.g. for Bergen, Norway, it lists KrÃ¥kesølv, which it of course can’t match up with the correct Kråkesølv that’s in the library.

  3. Etya Says:

    Regarding the comments, this isn’t a very responsive blog, is it?

  4. Stephen Lau Says:

    doh, sorry – meant to reply to that but forgot… I don’t think it will fix the artist names, though to be honest, I didn’t realise that was an issue since I don’t have any non-Asian UTF8 characters in my library. i’ll take a look into the issue… should be a similar fix.

  5. Stephen Lau Says:

    i believe i just fixed this in bug 19997 that just went in. it should be in the next Songbird & Concerts update

  6. Etya Says:

    Thanks for the reply Stephen! Will wait for next update.

  7. Lisa Says:

    I just recently found your site. Great find. Waiting for updates.

  8. acme_abe Says:

    What about Belgium?

    3rd most visit venue in the world is in Antwerp! Het Sportpaleis http://j.mp/don2Ji

  9. fabio Says:

    and what about italy?

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