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Monday, Jan 4. 2010  –  Category: Songbird

welcome to my post-1.4.1 1.4.2 1.4.3 post… where i talk about things you talked about after we talked about launching 1.4.3 (after our couple of respins) last week.

we’ve been following the blog comments, reading the bug reports, and getting the feedback from GetSatisfaction bubbled up to us via our intrepid Songbird Champs.  there have been a few recurring issues worth mentioning/recapping, so here we go in no particular order:

  1. Windows 7 Support
    • Yes, we throw a warning message up when you’re installing Songbird regarding it being unsupported on Windows 7.  This is mostly a “caveat emptor” warning, we haven’t done full and proper QA test runs to ensure things work on Windows 7.  That being said, we have plenty of users who run it just fine on Windows 7.  If you do continue to install and run it on Windows 7, you may experience bugs.  We’re working on full and proper Windows 7 support for the next release if you want to wait.
  2. iPod Support
    • As mentioned previously, we are no longer maintaining the iPod Extension.  Continually playing an unsupported game of catchup with Apple sucked, and we’ve opted to go with iTunes Import/Export Syncing as our supported way of having users sync their music libraries with Songbird.  As mentioned in that blog post, we’ve open sourced the iPod Extension (which is built on libgpod), and would happily welcome any community patches to it.
  3. Splash Screen
    • Yeah, we get it.  Some of you don’t like the splash screen.  Unfortunately it does, believe it or not, serve a purpose.  Not everyone has the super-latest-OMFG-ITS-1BILLION-TERAHERTZ machine… and especially on some platforms (Windows XP for instance), there was no feedback as to when the application was starting.  If you really really really hate the splash screen that much, then go grab Simon’s splish splosh extension to easily change or disable the splash screen.
    • Over the next few releases you’ll see us phase out some of the more web browser specific features.  This is a conscious design decision to differentiate Songbird as more of a media player than a web browser.  Let’s face it, we’ll never be a better web browser than Firefox, Safari, or Chrome.  We’ve never intended for Songbird to replace your daily web browser.  Don’t take this to mean we’re removing the web browser component entirely… we can’t, and we won’t since we use this for rendering things like the Radio Directory, the 7Digital Music Store, the Concerts Listings page, etc.  It just means we’d prefer for add-ons to take a more integrated approach along the lines of the 7Digital, Concerts, SHOUTcast, & add-ons where servicepane nodes are displayed that link to custom chrome (or heck even to webpages tailored specifically for Songbird, such as the 7Digital store).
    • That being said, if you really really really want your bookmarks back, I’ve made a Songbird Bookmarks extension that re-enables the bookmarks servicepane node so you can get your old bookmarks back.
  5. Automatic Album Art Fetching
    • One of the new features in Songbird 1.4.3 is automatic album art fetching.  Depending on what mode you have album art in (either “Now Playing” or “Now Selected”), album art will be automatically fetched for the currently playing or selected track.  If you’re on a slow or high latency connection (and this can vary depending on your album art fetcher add-ons and priorities, set via the Album Art preferences), you may experience a lag when selecting or playing tracks as Songbird goes to fetch the album art.  We’ll work on improving the performance of this in the future, but for now – I’ve made an extension to allow you disable or enable this automatic fetching behaviour.

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66 Comments to “the post-release post”

  1. Pr1me Says:

    Ok thanks for clearing that up. Next point, is the 1.4 branch done for or will there be an 1.4.4/5/6 release? And when will 1.6 land?

  2. Cygnus2112 Says:

    Great! Windows 7 support in the next release already – sooner than I thought! And please don’t forget the 64-bit version while you’re at it. (I see lots of people picking 64-bit while migrating to Win7 lately.) You guys and gals are doing a hell of a job! Thanks so much!

  3. Stephen Lau Says:

    @Pr1me – The 1.4 branch is done with. Led Zeppelin (1.5) and Madonna (1.6) are internal milestones only, Nirvana (1.7) will be our next public release… currently we’re shooting for the March timeframe.

  4. Brett Says:

    Thanks for the update! A little bit of input…

    I think a major issue with the splash screen was the art used. A default splash screen featuring the cute bird drawings would probably go a long way toward immediate acceptance of the splash screen.

    Also, a bit more info on the album art would be appreciated. Are fetched covers stored on the hard drive? Where? How much space is allotted to them? Can the allotted space be altered? What’s the source of the art?

    I’m liking the 1.4.3 build – it’s definitely more stable than previous releases (though a bit more resource hungry too) – and I can’t wait for the next stable release. When can we expect it and what will it feature? The roadmap ( ) seems to be suffering from a bit of neglect…


  5. Pr1me Says:

    @Stephen, thanks! And another quick question, will Purple Rain come to 1.7 or is it 1.4 only? as the 1.6 branch still runs on Gonzo?

  6. Stephen Lau Says:

    @Pr1me – Purple Rain will be on 1.7… once 1.6 has branched (should be anyday now), and trunk becomes 1.7 I’ll land Purple Rain there.

    @Brett – Yeah, the problem with artwork is that it’s so subjective. We happen to like the splash screen. :-P Album artwork is stored on the hard drive (exactly where is OS-specific, but on my Mac, it’s in ~/Library/Caches/Songbird2). It will also write it back out to the file if you have that preference set. The source of the artwork depends on the fetchers you have installed… by default, the one we ship is Gracenote – but there are and Amazon ones on the add-ons site too.

  7. Gryphon Says:

    I have to say I agree that pulling the bookmarks was a good idea, at least from the service pane – it was pretty cluttered. However, I really love having the browser built in, and wouldn’t mind a bookmarks menu item.

    Most of the stuff I was objecting to already have plug-ins available to modify the behavior, so… obviously this is a really good path.

    Looking forward to exploring more about this new version, but so far I like it. It’s a little slower about many things, but not as much so as I feared at first. Rock on, birdy.

  8. Mono Says:

    I have the (WinXP) taskbar set to auto-hide. It appears only when the mouse is moved to the bottom of the screen. Unfortunately Songbird breaks this behaviour when maximized: the taskbar won’t appear any more. This can get quite annoying.

  9. Mario Says:

    man, my songbird doesn’t upgraded. I’m Stuck in the 1.2.0

  10. Steven Says:

    One question: Can we get some other Add-Ons featured? It seems the ones there are usually installed by default, at least on my system.

    In addition, I’d like the roadmap and unscheduled requests to be updated, thanks!

  11. Adrien Béraud Says:

    Hi, Thanks for the update.. If Songbird was starting faster, no splashscreen would be needed… If Songbird is so slow to start that it needs a spashscreen, the problem is the loading time and not the lack of feedback. Why not storing album arts in file ? Finally, Songbird should be more integrated with the OS, like Firefox does. People like to see that an application fits great in their desktop environment. It just makes all the difference for a lot of people. If a lot of people start preferring Chrome to Firefox, it’s not only because of the speed but also the good Windows Vista/7 integration.

  12. KotW Says:

    So what’s the bottom line with the album art fetching. Does Songbird, by default, hassle with people’s tags or write something, anything, without me knowing about it?

  13. Stephen Lau Says:

    @Mario – We should be pushing the 1.2->1.4 updates real soon now (hopefully tomorrow, certainly this week for sure)

    @KotW – Nope, by default all Songbird will do is fetch album art and store it in the Songbird cache. If you turn on the preference to have it write to the file, then it will.

  14. serg Says:

    First of all, thanks for releasing this new and improved version. The “bad news” is that it works way much worse thant the previous 1.2 in Windows 7. The first issue was that Songbird was unable to use the old databse. I always had to end up killing the process as it got frozen every time songbird tried to use the old database. After deleting the old database and creating the new one with all the music I have (up to 4500songs) it gets frozen so many times. For instance, after starting to play a song. It’s playing but it’s not possible to change the song or whatever as the software is not responding.

    I know that it’s clearly specified the lack of Windows 7 support, but I just post this to let you know that 1.2 worked great in WIndows 7…

    Will go back to 1.2 and wait until a new release :)

  15. Forest Says:

    Hey Stevel,

    Thanks for the post and the hard work and for following our comments so diligent and meticulously. One question I haven’t seen answered yet: when will we see support for MSC, MTP, and/or CD-Rip in Mac and (more importantly to me) Linux?

    And let me say, I’m not complaining that other features have been implemented first, I just wish that we had a place on the road map so we knew exactly how long we should expect to wait.

  16. Brian Says:

    Now we just need the extensions to catch up to the current release. I have 8 extensions that aren’t supported, some like “Pane Buttons” and “Export Playlist” are pretty important to me.

  17. Karlchen Says:

    “Let’s face it, we’ll never be a better web browser than Firefox, Safari, or Chrome.”

    You will also never be a better CD-Ripper than Exact Audio Copy or CDex, and still you implemented such a feature, instead of concentrating on the core features of a modern Mediaplayer, like multiple watchfolders or the correct handling of meta-tags.

  18. 8675309 Says:

    i get the idea about removing the web part since vista i havent been able to use flash in it so i gave up & went back to using opera/ie

  19. Jakob Says:

    At the time when you guys communicated that you stop your work on the iPod extension I fully understood your motivation to do so.

    BUT: The incompatibility was introduced with Songbird 1.4, NOT a firmware upgrade or iTunes Update! And the latter was the actual reason to discontinue the work on this extension. A change in your software caused a problem with an extension which has not significantly changed recently. Of course it would be nice if the community would step in at that point. Maybe it doesn’t happen because it looks pretty trivial and could be fixed by somebody who is familiar with this extension. Unfortunately the people who could do it easily are all with POTI now and cannot fix it anymore.

    OK, decision is decision. For me personally this means that you have cut a significant part of Songbird’s potential. Until the recent version my motivation to use Songbird was its potential. The potential compensated for not being perfect…

  20. Jakob Says:

    @KotW & Stephen Lau:

    If I understood it correctly, the question was not only about album art tagging, but about tags in general.

    I strongly recommend to disable all metadata writing. It will add ID3v1 tags to all files which have only ID3v2. On the one hand you will have the metadata twice (which shouldn’t be a big problem) and on the other hand all your songs which come without a Genre tag will be “Blues”. The chance for me that a song is really a blues song is about 0.01% ;-)

  21. Jakob Says:

    @Karlchen: I had exactly the same thoughts when I read that CD ripping will be added to Songbird.

    Not only that you won’t be able to compete with EAC. OK, usability of EAC is not the best. But is CD ripping a regular task for many people and does it make sense to integrate in a daily-use software if you use it monthly?

    I doubt as well if the tag editing features of Songbird will ever have the potential to make Mp3tag (the software) obsolete.

    Somehow I don’t understand Songbird’s AddOn policy. The big benefit of extensions is to have a community of developers which are able to create a broad range of features and of some of them nobody has ever thought of. These extensions are not perfect, but they add a lot of potential (sorry to use that again and again) to the product. The features which are requested from a majority of users can be brought on a certain level (compatibility, design, translations, …) and be integrated into Songbird. This brings me back to the iPod extension where you go exactly the other way.

    I’m pretty curious about the sometime coming video support. I hope it will bring Songbird back on a track which corresponds with my expectations.

  22. Rok Barbo Says:


    I really like ur player…. but, why dont u put in file association?

    Cheers, Rok

  23. wagaf-d Says:

    Hi guys,

    Everybody talks about your partnership with Philips. This is very exiting, could you make an announcement about it ?

  24. klint Says:

    @Karlench & Jakob

    I see things differently:

    As a normal user, I’m not looking for the best ripper, the best browser, the best tagger, or the best… I’m more looking for a unified tool that does all this at a sustainable minimum.

    I need browsing to do some tagging- or song/artist info fetching- related actions. Not only via addons like mashtape, but also in free browsing. New tabs, bookmarks,… are mandatory here.

    About the CD Rip, the first implementation allows me to get rid of my stolen license for dBPowerAmp. I just have to rip in Ogg instead of MP3. But I don’t care, as my player supports both. And I even consider ripping in Flac.

    I’m doing heavy tagging activities, and I have abandoned The Godfather (similar to MP3Tag) in favor of Songbird+Tagger addon.

    At the end of the day, instead of 4 tools (who even don’t speak my non-English language), I have only 1 with a consistent user experience all across the features, which makes me quite happy as a normal user.

    Of course, I can understand that some extreme users won’t be satisfied by Songbird, and will still require EAC+MP3TAG+iTunes+Firefox… Not the majority though IMHO.


  25. scouser73 Says:

    Hi Steve, thanks for the update as to what’s happening with songbird, When I updated to Ver. 1.4.1/2/3 that I only saw the splash screen just once when loading and each time that I’ve restarted songbird there is no splash, not that I’m complaining like. Songbird works like a treat for me and it’s certainly the best player (IMO) that I’ve used on Linux, all the best to you guys for 2010.

  26. Andrew Luecke Says:

    Surprised the deal with phillips wasn’t mentioned..

  27. MMoi Says:

    Hey Steve,

    thanks for the news. I discovered Songbird this week after installing Windows 7. Used to Linux, I tried to find a music manager as good as Linux equivalents (Rhythmbox and such) and I’m pretty happy with Songbird.

    But ! Since you’re developing a music player, wouldn’t it be appropriate to include native 5.1 sound support (or at least a plugin for that) ?? That may be more useful than all the management and candies functionalities… if only Windows 7 could manage 5.1 by himself for default output (as does Ubuntu) the features wouldn’t be needed, but since this OS hardware support is still limited, the task is up to you ;)

    Keep on the good work.

  28. Chauncellor Says:

    @Stevel: Thanks for the album art extension, but wouldn’t it make sense to include that tickbox by default? This autofetching thing just made Songbird into a nuclear warhead for me, and the first thing I do to any media player is look for that kind of tickbox (as they have no about:config!).

  29. katana346 Says:

    Seriously, why hasn’t the Phillips deal been mentioned at all? This seems like a huge step (or flap) for Songbird and we haven’t heard anything about it. I’d like to know how this is going to effect non-branded Songbird development. Will the branches be completely separate, or will they be merged over time?

  30. Aus Says:


    There’s only one repository for the client code. There are branches, but everything is always merged back into the trunk. Everyone gets to reap the benefits.

  31. Jakob Says:


    I think if you invest time for development of a CD ripper, the result should be worth all the effort. First I doubt if CD ripping is a key feature these days at all. Second I probably >80% of the portable audio players do not support OGG.

    So at the bottomline for a big number of users it did not add any functionality.

  32. klint Says:


    Of course, but can you sell a MP3 device today without CD ripping? No, you still can’t. The deal with Philips was probably the one important reason for it. So, if you like Songbird and want it to stay alive and kicking (or flying), it seems that you have to accept some changes in priorities because of paying customers :)

    All that being said though, CD rip is not dead at atll. CD Rip is still the ONLY way to get proper lossless audio quality, in Flac for instance. Even ripped in 320bps, quality is not the same. As hardware gets better and better (more powerful CPU and larger Hard Drives), ripping and storing your library in FLAC and converting on the fly to a MP3 device could become a very common solution in a near future IMHO. Songbird is ready for it. And even if you can find tons of crap quality MP3 on the web, illegally, there are still tons of CDs in public libraries, for free and totally legal :) THen the time will come when lossless quality will also be available for download, that is true… but until that time, Cd ripping with Songbird rules ;)

  33. Zac Says:

    Nice work.

    Fantastic news that Philips is now supporting Songbird. Well done.

  34. osu Says:

    SLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW. It just begs to be written in c++ or even java. With firefox engine it will be unusable for ages.

  35. Tony Says:


    when the update from 1.2.0 to 1.4.3 is avaiable? And for the future: It would be very nice, if the users could save their playlists as .txt or something like that.


  36. Murphy Says:

    I’m not posting this to promote my own topic, I just thought that it might be relevant. You said that they are trying to phase out the browser in some ways, and I think that moving browser tabs to the service pane would really make browsing the web less obtrusive. I made a topic about it on GetSatisfaction a while ago:

  37. Murphy Says:

    Err… apparently strange things happen when there are underscores in a comment. That link won’t work, so if you are interested, just search GS for “A new way to display browser tabs in Songbird”

  38. Andrew Luecke Says:

    @Osu, actually, I think they have just recently switched to the Firefox 3.5 engine (last night in the development copy), and it will probably be using 3.6 for the next final version.. Maybe it will help make it a bit faster?

  39. seba Says:

    @Osu: java to make it faster??

    Most of the application is already in c++ by the way. Afaik XULRUNNER binds javascript with c++ (don’t know much about it though). And I believe a part of the newest xulrunner (which they are integrating as andrew luecke said) is that it can sort of compile parts of javascript at runtime, so those parts go faster (again, don’t know much about this either).

    However, I agree the sluggish performance should be taken serious. But the language or those new javascript techniques just make marginal differences on modern machines. I believe database optimization and loading things like search of the main thread (which is continuesly delayed) are more important.

  40. Stephen Lau Says:

    @Tony – Should be pushing the 1.2 updates real soon now (possibly today). You can export your playlists with the Export Playlists extension

    @AndrewLuecke – Not quite yet… we updated to FF 3.0.17 (for security fixes). 3.5 is likely to land post-Nirvana.

  41. Will Says:

    Any ETA on when Songbird version with 7 Support will be released? Only to see if I download this or wait for the next one. I just got my laptop with 7 on it and I moved my songs but have not downloaded songbird due to that problem.

  42. Stephen Lau Says:

    @Will – Not till March, likely…

  43. MasterEvilAce Says:

    For 55,000 tracks, on an overclocked i7 computer, where all the media is coming from a fast dedicated 1TB drive, songbird still takes atleast 15 seconds to load.

    Songbird is occasionally sluggish and unresponsive (switching tracks for instance), and uses 200 MB of ram.. when compared to winamp and foobar… is a lot.

    Used winamp my whole life, and it never really let me down.. but seeing what else is out there. Tried foobar for a couple weeks.. love the concept and idea, but in order to get the UI to a good looking state requires lots of plugins and custom themes, which drags performance down tremendously

    I love that songbird’s new theme gets away from the iTunes look. It looks good, but perhaps is a bit too dark for a default theme. The splash screen is ugly as well.. get the startup time down and get rid of it

  44. James H Says:

    I really like the new songbird for the most part. The splashscreen is hideous and the new feathers might take some getting used to, but that’s minor. I’m a developer too and I sympathize and appreciate.

    Saying you “opted” for iTunes import/export instead of maintaining the iPod extension is weak. I don’t know what the difficulties are for maintaining it, they must be big or you all would not be abandoning it.

    Nevertheless, I really want to point out that the reason I love songbird is because it is a great program and it prevents me from having to install iTunes on Windows, which is a damned plague if you ask me. If I have to commit my OS to 3 system services, a half gig, and an entirely new update appendage, what good reason do I have to keep Songbird around?

  45. James H Says:

    After reading the other comments, I think it’s probably safe to assume that Songbird is being sought out as a better alternative to Winamp and iTunes. I stopped using both of those applications because they became slow and uncooperative, not to mention unstable.

    These players have tremendous resources and related products that you cannot compete with. I don’t think taking them on at their own game is wise. Perhaps tailoring songbird a bit to the competition’s malcontents wouldn’t be such a bad idea. Good performance, USEFUL extensibility, and interoperability are strengths of Songbird and why I use it.

  46. Blake Says:

    Ah well I will no longer support Songbird. No Ipod support sucks. I’d pay for Songbird if you were supporting Ipod, but oh well. Bye bye.

  47. Sand3r Says:

    I’ve been using Songbird for quite a time now, since the beginning of the whole concept I think.

    It’s a modern, beautiful browser but a lil’ to slow. You guys are adding CD ripping support and what else, but what’s really needed is speed.

  48. john Says:

    I too do not quite understand the approach to iPod support. I use Linux and have tried the majority of media players available and decided that despite some of the bugs with previous versions of Songbird it met my needs. However with now no iPod integration I will need to look elsewhere. You proudly state that with Songbird you can take your music wherever you go – unfortunately this is no longer the case for iPod users which I would guess are the predominent portable media players out there. If the next generation of MP3 players cause issues for development will they be dropped too? Running

    Ok, so I’m back to gtkPod & gPodder to manage my music & podcasts on my iPod as I will not be attempting to install iTunes on Linux just so I can continue to use Songbird.

  49. w Says:

    absolutely ridiculous. songbird told me 1.4.3 was available so i updated. I HAD NO IDEA IPOD SYNC WAS DROPPED. you guys suck. no other way about it. if i had known this was happening i would not have updated. so now i have to go find an itunes-replacing, songbird-replacement app. what a disappointment.

    btw i use ubuntu linux, itunes import/export is worthless and now so is Songbird

  50. JvA Says:

    I’m sorry to say this as I truly loved Songbird, but I’m considering SWITCHING BACK to ITUNES.

    I’m left completely without the ability to sync my music files to Songbird.

    Turning iTunes export on didn’t do anything. Then I found you very user unfriendly workaround on your wiki, which involves creating a new playlist with all tracks in the library, and then duplicating every other playlist I have, syncing, and then renaming them again, which is bad enough as it is, but it is also not working at all.

    To make matters worse, the new Gonzo 2.0 feather that is supposed to be the salvation from the purple beast, is simply not finished yet, at least on Mac.

  51. JvA Says:

    I meant to sync music files to my iPod.

  52. Kenneth Says:

    Im sorry to say I will not continue to use Songbird. If I need itunes to sync my ipod anyway I really dont see any point in having Songbird as well.

  53. Alfaro Says:

    Could anybody tell me how to downgrade to 1.2? so i can sync with my ipod

  54. theflow Says:

    I would like to know how to post to this blog maybe I’m tired and can’t find my way (lol) but I have some questions that would like to get some responses on regarding the Microsoft .NET languages and if the can be used with Songbird as far as web services API’s. I would like develop and or code in .NET language and make connections threw SSH or SSL. Are any of these a possibility with Songbird? Any future versions in XML? Thank you for your time and trouble took to answer my question regarding Songbird,

    I look forward to your reply,


  55. Stephen Lau Says:

    @theflow – nope, you’ll have to use JS to communicate with Songbird via a webpage

  56. tim Says:

    Sorry to have to throw my support behind the “lack of ipod support sucks” crowd, but I have to now.. I found songbird as I was looking for a replacement to the bloat that is iTunes, I didn’t want to install iTunes and to learn that I have to use iTunes to sync sorta defeats the purpose (for me).

    Going open source on the module has clearly not helped — it’s now Feb 2010 and nobody appears to be able/wanting to take this on. But above all the thing that really irks me is I wasn’t warned before upgrading to 1.4.3 that a vital “core” feature was being dropped – and you still have iPod imagery on the website which only confuses the issue more

    I seriously hate having to install iTunes again, but I have waited for a ipod add on update and now have no choice As I don’t see the point of having two media managers installed side by side, regreatably (for me) I’m removing songbird. Thanks for the efforts to date, it really was great!

  57. rone Says:

    just wonder why songbird x functioning on w7 N

  58. Tony Pace Says:

    I just wanted to add my voice to Tim’s. Opensourcing the ipod plugin without anyone volunteering to maintain it was a bad idea and should be reconsidered. I’m no programmer, but the hints about code complexity make it understandable that nobody is interested in jumping in. It looks like the only people with the competencies to deal with the problems are already on the main team.

    Songbird looks nice and works well for the most part, but huge numbers of people have legacy ipods of various sorts, and breaking working functionality with a pushed, Vogon style update was a really, really dumb move. It leaves a legacy of distrust that will linger.

  59. w Says:

    well put Tony P. i was especially p.o.’d about finding out about dropping ipod support only after i updated.

    yeah i could read about the update before i accept it but that certainly was not an expected issue. and besides … i couldn’t NOT update forever.

    for now i am using rhythembox to update my ipod. but thats only ok because i dont use playlists much.

    considering banshee ….

  60. mathew Says:

    im hopping on the ipod support bandwagon too i running on linux. when i updated to ubuntu 9.10 on my desk top, songbird failed to run with errors on startup, when i updated songbird the ipod support no no longer worked! even trying to completely un-install songbird and installing a previous version failed to run ipod support! im not going to update my laptop which is running ubuntu 9.09 for precisely this reason, i can properly sync with my ipod. apple dont have an itunes for linux nor will linux users actually use it, but it will not run under a windows emulator (wine), not that id install itunes anyway. ive tried using rhythembox and banshee and a few other mediaplayers, we need ipod support returned to songbird

  61. william Says:

    Hello guys, Songbird until last revision WAS (-sorry i think you go wrong way actually-) really THE multi-platform solution to manage music library. Even if there were some weakness (ID3 V2.3 support for main compatibility with all other library who doesn’t support 2.4 yet…)

    I used MP3 format for its versatility between several computers in my home (HTPC – desktop – laptop) using Ubuntu / vista / windows 7. From my side, I was using Songbird to manage visually all my music library and also to let my wife to sync easily with her ipod and myself with my windows phone. For listening on my Hifi, i’m using Windows media center 7 that still fully working for multimedia use (music-film-tv recorder) with remote controller and nice skin.

    Since you don’t support ipod anymore, i really think to switch to another system (even that is less useful but more versatile!). I cannot continue to manage several libraries even sync them on different platforms as it is really more and more complex!

    Main need for people is platform and control versatility.

    Until last revision, you were fully working in that direction supporting all kind of equipments and it was great. I fully understand the fact that you have difficulties to support new equipment from Apple. But considering that previous equipments were supported, why not keeping this marvelous function as it was really working well! My understanding is that the REAL REASON is not Apple but Songbird changes with this new revision. Your comments seems not fair at all and becoming open-source with no other support seems really to easy!!! How could you stop to work with the main music portable reader solution on the market?

    Unfortunatelly, i have updated my songbird (as usually because i was really confident) and now i feel that you are working in the same way as “Apple”, without searching to keep versatility. Going through this way, I think you will devellop your own songbird music download platform with songbird DRM in the future weeks!

    As I already wrote: Versatility is the future of multimedia use.

    If not, I would prefer to keep listening my CD collection directly as i did in the 90s (20 years back). All the song still well organised on each CD and the album cover is with good resolution and nice paper!

    Do you remember what Free and liberty means? This is reason why I prefer mozilla to other navigators. Hope that you will correct this “bug” quickly and come back to be the real music management solution for all users.

  62. Chris Parker Says:

    I was looking for a iTunes alternative to syncing my iPod and media management and google listed Song Bird as #2 which also supported mac. I downloaded the program to find out that it is no longer supported and with the lack of other obvious features I have to say that…..


    And should be kept locked up until it becomes a more developed program and wont have to depend on other programs to function as a media program.

  63. Jenni X Says:

    Adding my own to the chorus telling you guys that if I have to use friggin’ iTunes, SongBird is USELESS! Ta Ta for now. Maybe i’ll check back in a couple of years to see if you’ve extracted your recto-cranial impaction.

  64. Disappointed Says:

    It’s pretty disappointing that this media player decided to take such an obviously terrible route, with not supporting anything. Well, it was a good concept but like so, so many things out there this great concept happened to be headed by a bunch of absolute morons…

  65. Jordan Says:

    I can’t believe that the song bird development team (more like morons) have removed the playlist export support. Now what is the use of it. I don’t want it to just be able to sync with Itune’s I want to use songbird to replace it. By removing ipod support and playlist export songbird has become noting but a wast of system resources. Goodbye songbird hello banshee. not only can it export playlists, I can burn a damn CD and sync to my MP3 player with out secondary program like Itunes.

  66. jevans Says:

    I still can’t believe no bookmarks – it’s just lame :-(

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