Growing more (beautiful) plumage…

Monday, Apr 20. 2009  –  Category: Linkage, Songbird

It’s been a while since we’ve featured some of the new and creative add-ons Songbird’s add-on developer community have been cranking out lately… in fact, I can’t recall if we’ve done this since post-1.0! Clearly a situation that needs to be rectified… and hence today’s post calling out some of the awesome Feathers that work in the latest 1.1.2 builds. For regular subscribers to the new add-ons RSS feed (which I highly recommend subscribing to in order to stay on top of all the new add-ons) these won’t be anything new… but for Songbird newcomers, hopefully this will turn you on to some cool new Feathers and inspire you to maybe create your own!

  • YABS continues to be the most popular Feather.. easily one of the nicest of the “dark” Feathers, it’s a complete package featuring mashTape, Pure Player, and LyricMaster skinning (check out the add-on page for a complete list of all the extensions atreiu made look good with this Feather). In addition to Pure Player, he’s got Medium & Mini Player layouts incorporated too!
  • Sparkle is right up there as the a long-running “dark” Feather favourite. Schwadegan just recently added LyricMaster support to this gorgeous whimsical Feather.
  • NABS is the “light” Feather counterpart to YABS. Feature-for-feature, it stacks right up there with YABS… some people just prefer something lighter. :)
  • Spotbird brings Spotify’s subtle and aerodynamic gray rubber look into Songbird. It looks particularly awesome when you have andreas.f’s accompanying Spotbird Artist Browser add-on media view installed with it.
  • Aerofirebird is for the Vista users out there who want a uniform look and feel for Songbird and Firefox. It utilises Firefox’s L&F and uses native Vista borders giving you the “glass” effects.
  • Pure Player is a different take on your regular Feather. It adds a new layout somewhere in between the Main Player and the Mini Player. Featuring ratings, album art, and hover-overlaid player controls, it’s a gorgeous efficient use of space. What’s particularly cool is that Feathers can supply Pure Player skins so you can, in effect, skin your own Pure Player!
  • BlackfuZZ only further shows how much Songbird users like an awesome “dark” Feather. Incorporating Pure Player, Mini Player, and Medium Player skins, this Feather features contrasting light and dark themes, clean angular lines and a really slick volume bar.
  • euphoria is a light Feather with some gorgeous light-reflected lime-green highlights. Sounds a little strange at first, but the colour combination looks really great. The default album artwork image looks particularly awesome in Media Flow. This features Mini Player and Pure Player layouts, and skins mashTape, Media Flow, and LyricMaster for completeness.
  • Walnut2 brings in the lux with some really well done wood-grain finishing. For fans of woodies, it’s particularly nostalgic. One of the more complete Feathers, this skins mashTape, MediaFlow, SHOUTcast, LyricMaster, etc. and incorporates the usual Mini and Medium Player layouts.

That’s all for today’s post… I’ll be covering some of the wicked new extensions that you may or may not have heard of in my next post!

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9 Comments to “Growing more (beautiful) plumage…”

  1. notwist Says:

    You should choose a couple of good looking themes to include with the official release.

  2. victoria Says:

    This is a wonderful post! Thanks for taking the time to share such awesome feathers :D

  3. Marc Diethelm Says:

    While that’s really cool, wow, what I really, really want is

    Note that there’s only one really for the feathers, but two for MTP. Cheers!

  4. Lenny Says:

    Great post Stevel! And thanks for featuring sparkle :-)

  5. boosh Says:

    I never get bored with the Cartoon Feather ;) Its always makes me happy!

  6. Brian Leonard Says:

    And idea when SongBird 1.1 will be made available for OpenSolaris? Many of the really cool new add-ons only work with 1.1.

  7. stevel Says:

    @Brian – Songbird 1.1 relies on some GStreamer fixes that are in GStreamer trunk but not yet in the Nevada; once those land into Nevada, we should be in business.

  8. yew Says:

    yay! i got a feature with Euphoria = ) late to notice, lol. -edit: euphoria doesn’t support pure player, YET. =)

    Thanks for this, and please get iPhone sync support, this problem made me install itunes again =(


  9. bamay12 Says:

    ta3 man dr? kk mo

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