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Monday, Jun 11. 2007  –  Category: Music

on our honeymoon, wendy and i spent a couple of nights in tokyo. on one of the nights, as we passed through the Shinjuku station, we heard a really innocent female voice singing. and innocent is probably about the best word i can describe it with… especially as it floated across an insanely busy metro station.

in the middle of the metro plaza she’d setup an speaker/amp, hooked up to her electric keyboard and microphone and she was singing and playing away. we were absolutely mesmerised by her voice and ended up staying for about 25 minutes or so listening to her perform.

after she was done, she sold a few CDs (which we bought), and that was about the end of that. i ended up looking her up on the net and ended up downloading a few more tunes and buying another CD.

her name is Hanako Oku, you can see one of her music videos here on YouTube.

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  1. Geoff Arnold Says:

    Try this one of hers: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z4YEAAaES7s I’m going to explore Uwajimaya to see if I can find her CDs. (I know they’ll have them – it’s just finding them when I don’t read Japanese!)

  2. esther Says:

    wow… Steve’s doing the jpop thing? Thought I was the jpop nut (not that you’re a nut or anything).

    A suggestion to Geoff: try printing out the CD information from CDJapan and taking it to Uwajimaya? http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/listfromcode_banner.html?key=288631 If the store clerks prefer Japanese, you can try printing out the CD information in Japanese which you can find by clicking on the link “See this item details at neowing.co.jp (our Japanese website)” near the bottom of each CD page. I found that just handing over sheets of paper with all the CD info printed on it was easier than trying to look for the CD myself (well, that and I gave up buying CDs at Kinokuniya and just order them from CDJapan).

    Oh yeah, if you like the song from Geoff’s link, the title is: “Kawaranai Mono” where “kawaranai” means “unchanging” and “mono” means “thing.” I’m not sure what the official translation of the song title is, but it basically means “Constant Thing.” It’s a song associated with an anime, “Toki wa Kakeru Shoujo” or “Girl who Conquers Time.” And from the video, it looks like the ending credits.

    Ok, that’s it from this nut.

  3. 奥 華子 Says:

    ^^ hanako chan hontou ni suki desu ^^ ganbatte!

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