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Thursday, Dec 21. 2006  –  Category: Pets


char-siu’s separation anxiety is definitely getting worse. i think we’re going to call in some professional help.

of all the things the beagles had to find…. why did it have to be the peanut butter? and of all the places they had to eat it…. why did it have to be our bed??

i suppose i should back up. sometime in between wendy and i leaving for work (~7am) and me coming home (~6pm), char-siu managed to get into the fridge.

between the two dogs, they managed to get the following out of the fridge:

  • dried mushrooms (easy to cleanup)
  • ramen & soup base (fairly easy to cleanup)
  • garlic (easy to cleanup, but smelly)
  • a pitcher of tea (messy, but easy)
  • peanut butter (@#)%(@#)(%@#)(%)
  • garlic butter spread (just as fun to cleanup)
  • 3 raw eggs (how?!?!? the egg shelf is like 4 feet high!!)

having got all this bounty… eating in the kitchen the tile laminate floor wasn’t enough… oh no… they’re very territorial with their food, they always take their treats to separate rooms to eat. which is how we got peanut butter in the bed, along with garlic butter spread, and 1 egg. the living room was blessed with 2 eggs, and a bunch of ramen. and the kitchen had the rest scattered around.

anyway, what do you usually do after a huge buffet bounty? that’s right. it’s bathroom time.

again, the kitchen tile floor wasn’t good enough. let’s find the bathmat instead.

on top of that, one of the beagles managed to push over a chair and jump from the chair to the piano… and scratch the surface of the piano…… the very expensive $30-$35k piano. so that’s probably gonna be like $500-$700 to repair the finish.


the two of them are cowering in fear under the piano in the corner of the living room right now because they can tell how seething furious i am with them.

[update: at alan’s suggestion, here’s the IRC log where i relayed all this to (a very off-topic) #opensolaris:

(18:49:37) stevel: sigh
(18:49:45) stevel: of all the things my beagles had to find, why did it have to be the peanut butter
(18:49:54) stevel: and of all the places they had to eat it.... why did it have to be my bed
(18:50:40) Tpenta: ROFL
(18:51:33) Tpenta: could have been worse
(18:51:40) Tpenta: it could have happened while you were away
(18:51:47) gisburn: no
(18:52:12) stevel: tpenta: it did... happened today while i was out
(18:52:17) gisburn: s/beagle/komodo dragons/ would be worse since they would've picked a deer
instead of the peanut butter.
(18:52:19) stevel: they got into the fridge
(18:53:02) Tpenta: oh dear
(18:53:06) stevel: got the dried mushrooms, leftover stinky tofu (that one is fun to cleanup),
a pitcher of tea, garlic, peanut butter, garlic butter spread (that one's fun too), 3 eggs, and
a bunch of packets of ramen
(18:53:12) Tpenta: and it's not really wash the sheets and hang them out to dry weather
(18:53:22) stevel: thankfully we have a drier
(18:53:34) stevel: s/drier/dryer/
(18:53:57) stevel: ... and then to top it off, they decided that eating all this newfound 
bounty in the kitchen wasn't enough
(18:54:02) stevel: they had to take it into various rooms of the house
(18:54:03) gisburn: stevel: seriouly: the beagles ate the garlic ?
(18:54:15) stevel: how the @#)$(@#$ does a beagle carry a *raw egg to another room
and then decide to bite into it
(18:54:36) richlowe: stevel: carefully.
(18:54:54) stevel: and one of them somehow managed to tip a chair over, jump from there
to the fireplace mantle, and then from there onto the top of our piano
(18:55:06) stevel: so he's left scratches all over the piano
(18:55:08) gisburn: stevel: instinct. Our cats do the same. Even the dragon puppies I raised
did the same - grab foodm drag it into an edge and swallow it there.
(18:55:27) stevel: which, btw, is a $35,000 piano.  so that's gonna be probably about
$500-$700 to repair the finish on that
(18:55:38) richlowe: ouch.
(18:55:39) gisburn: ugh
(18:55:52) stevel: and of course... what do dogs do after they eat and drink too much?
(18:56:01) stevel: poop and pee.... 
(18:56:08) stevel: again, the kitchen wasn't good enough for that
(18:56:14) stevel: no no... they had to go on the bathmat instead
(18:56:20) Tpenta: yea, I have two dogs. this is the reason we have vinyl downstairs now
instead of carpet
(18:56:28) Tpenta: the cat goes in the bath
(18:56:49) Tpenta: steve this is blog material man
(18:56:57) richlowe: oh yeah.
(18:57:17) gisburn: stevel: please blog it.
(18:57:21) gisburn: steleman_: with photos
(18:57:26) gisburn: LOTS of photos
(18:57:57) stevel: i've already cleaned up most of it, but i can take photos of the scratches
(18:58:12) stevel: and i can take photos of the two of them hiding in the corner of the living
room underneath the piano cause they can tell i'm f-ing pissed at them


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  1. Susan in St. Paul Says:

    Wow! That’s pretty amazing for beagles!
    That tops the ferrets unhooking all the curtains in the house and sliming them with avacado which happened to a friend of mine. She had to get serious locks on her frig. I have a another friend who confines his dog to the kitchen, but that wouldn’t have helped you. I hope the piano fix is not that expensive.

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