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Friday, Oct 20. 2006  –  Category: OpenSolaris, OpenSource

sch and martin have expressed interest in running off of Glassfish instead of what we currently use: Tomcat.

I needed something interesting to unwind my Friday afternoon, so I thought I’d try it out and see how it worked with OpenGrok.

Wow. That was remarkably painless and easy. I’m impressed. When I have more time, I’ll get around to throwing the Tonic/Jive webapps at it and see if we can get the Sun-on-Sun spirit combined with the “OpenSource-on-Opensource” spirit and get running on our own dog food.

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  1. iwan ang Says:

    I’m surprised that we run Tomcat instead of our own, since in this case ours is quite good (if not better). Anyway, good to know what we are moving to our own. e1, GSE Asia South.

  2. Shreedhar Ganapathy Says:

    Hi Steve The following wiki page link points to a number of frameworks, apps, tools, etc. that work with GlassFish. These contain pointers (blogs) on how to deploy on GF with these frameworks,etc.

    Jive is one of the apps covered. I will be thrilled to add Open Solaris as one of the sites that run on GF when that happens. I will add OpenGrok to the list.

    regards Shreedhar Ganapathy Project GlassFish Community Manager

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