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Wednesday, Jun 14. 2006  –  Category: OpenSolaris

It’s been one year since the OpenSolaris Launch… which is also when I joined the OpenSolaris engineering team (a.k.a.: tonic-iteam). I thought I would blog a bit on the progress of SCM which is something that has been fairly all-consuming for me recently.

I spent a fair bit of time in the past few months working on the Teamware->Mercurial conversion scripts, and creating a live bridge to facilitate the eventual conversion of ON from Teamware to Mercurial. Basically, the bridge runs everytime someone puts back to Teamware, and it converts the actions into Mercurial actions and does the analogous operations in Mercurial. For the most part this is pretty straight-forward, but there are some interesting operations that ha ve to be broken up to handle the open/closed repositories. Internally now, I’ve got an onnv_external repository which contains all the open (usr/src) code, as well as an onnv-gate repository which is a clone of onnv_external. onnv-gate also has a nested usr/closed directory which is its own repository which holds the usr/closed source code. I set it up this way to mirrour how I eventually think our repositories will live and be updated. onnv_external will live outside the SWAN and be accessible (at least for pulling from) to the Internet at large, whilst onnv-gate (and subsequently onnv-gate/usr/closed) will live within SWAN, and constantly pull from onnv_external in order to keep usr/src up to date.

So the bridge has been running for a while now, and starting this month – I’ve been using it to publish Mercurial changeset bundles which are self-contained collections of changesets that external users can unbundle into their Mercurial repository and do work on with the full history back to the launch one year ago. Starting with yesterday’s delivery, I’ve started tagging the build close dates, as well as publishing bundles of changesets for various builds that contain any respins/backouts so people can bring their repository exactly up to date with what Solaris Release Engineering spins as the final onnv build bits.

So what’s next in the SCM space? Well, internally we’re working on the SCM host applications for our SCM “beta test” that we hope to roll out in the next month. This is our first phase of the SCM for project hosting working we’re doing, and we’re basically going to offer Subversion support for projects. In the beta phase, this will be limited to the companion and JDS projects I believe. Further phases involve opening it up to general projects, as well as (I hope) Mercurial support.

So what’s next for me? In general, I’m still working on tree cleanup work – trying to make ON build cleaner and better with Mercurial. I’m also continuing work on the SCM app to build in more and better support/interaction with SCMs. So far I’ve worked on hooks, and infrastructure stuff for keeping various repositories up to sync and updated. This work will continue undoubtedly. I’m also starting to spend some time diving back into the NUMA and scheduling codebase I left behind a year ago to try and start working on some bugfixes in those areas.

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