the chaos that was fisl

Monday, Apr 24. 2006  –  Category: OpenSolaris

that chaos was the Sun booth/area at fisl. this was probably one of the peak crowds we saw flowing through our area on friday (a national holiday in Brasil). in the centre you can see Fernanda (green sweater w/ yellow/red stripe) either talking about JavaDB or explaining the Ultra 20 giveaway contest we were having. behind her in the white t-shirt is Francois giving a JavaDB demo on his laptop. to the right of Francois is Rebecca (blond hair, black sweater) also there representing JavaDB. next to her in the blue shirt is Tim giving a NetBeans demo on the w2100z.

to the left of that centre table is the table with the coffee machine dispensing free coffee for all fisl attendees. i setup my OpenSolaris demo station next to that (as visible in this photo).

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