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Tuesday, Apr 18. 2006  –  Category: OpenSolaris

okay, so i guess i’m not actually at fisl yet, but at least i made it to porto alegre in one piece. 20 hours of flying and airport layovers and i’m finally here. the flight from sao paolo to porto alegre probably had the highest “geek” population density of any flight in the western hemisphere today. (random shout-out to the Postgres guy whose name i didn’t get but gave me a cool Brasil Postgres pin). i also bumped into francois, a java geek from Sun in the lobby of the Sheraton when checking in.

so i’m here. my bags are here (carry-on the whole way, thankfully). my room seems nice. my ferrari (laptop) still works. hopefully bruno’s mac mini does too. my punchin (VPN) connection has some atrocious latency, but otherwise works.

about the only thing wrong is the fact that FedEx says they delivered 6 packages, and the Sheraton claims they only delivered 2. somewhere (in this hotel, i suspect, since i have the signature of a “L. Pereira” from FedEx) is 130 SXCR DVDs, and 144 OpenSolaris t-shirts. my only objective tonight is to take a shower, find my other 4 packages, and then get smashingly … um… smashed… somewhere with good food and drink.

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