getting ready for fisl 7.0

Wednesday, Apr 12. 2006  –  Category: OpenSolaris

fisl 7.0 is drawing closer and closer… and it looks like things are (mostly) coming together nicely. Sun will be sponsoring a community area with coffee, couches, and OpenSolaris geeks. well, at least one geek (me) handing out t-shirts (quite nice ones), DVDs with Solaris Express Community Release b36 + Sun Studio 10 + OpenSolaris/ON b36 source delivery, ‘powered by opensolaris’ laptop stickers, and (hopefully) Nexenta CDs.

i’ve been fiendishly tracking my swag as it makes its way through the maze that is known as customs. my t-shirts arrived at my hotel okay, and 200 of the 400 SXCR DVDs made it. the other 200 are held up in customs for some unknown reason. :( and i’m still not sure what the status of the Nexenta CDs (being produced in Brasil to avoid the customs fiasco) is.

i’ll be presenting a brief presentation about the OpenSolaris community & project, as well as demo’ing BrandZ on my laptop with CentOS and Debian Linux zones/brands at fisl. according to the schedule, i’ll be presenting on april 19th @ 17:00. i believe ‘Sala von Neumann’ is the room i’m in)

hope to see you there!

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  1. Geoff Arnold Says:

    Have a great trip; see you when you get back!

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