buld 31 done! (opensol-20060118)

Tuesday, Jan 17. 2006  –  Category: OpenSolaris

i just uploaded the latest delivery… 2006-01-18. it’s the 18th here where i am in taiwan, so for a limited time only (3 hours if you’re on the west coast), you can be running a build from the future. ;-)

anyway, the downloads page is going to be rewhacked by Bonnie, and i don’t have access to update the links at the moment – so this entry is going to probably be the sole pointer to the new delivery until we get that page updated.

you can download build 31 here

there are a few notable changes, namely the delivery process is significantly more automated now. also please note the opensolaris- prefix has changed to on- to reflect the fact that opensolaris is larger than ON now :)

also, i uploaded the changelog (a nice HTML formatted version w/ full putback comments + files updated), as well as a putbacks list of just the raw CR/PSARC ids that were putback (thanks to Rich Lowe for that suggestion).


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  1. Alan Hargreaves Says:

    Not quite the Sole pointer Steve.

    I’ve blogged it too.


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